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I am an Addict

I am an addict. An Android Addict to be more specific. I think my fascination with mobile devices started in 2006 when I bought a TracFone. My first ever cell phone. I was so cool.


nifty device. only .3 units to send a text and free to receive. Then I got my first real paying job. I was a hot shit Web designer. At least in my head. So I switched to Verizon. Got me a flip phone. Texting was free to VZW phones. This is where I began to text friends instead of calling. I would text friends in the same room just cuz I wanted to use my nifty new phone. But this was nothing, I had no idea how useful and important my phone would soon become.

After leaving Verizon and switching to Sprint I received my first Smart phone free from my boss. (I worked at Sprint as a sales associate.) The amazing, the powerful, the incredible HTC Mogul.


I was so cool cuz I could pull up GOOGLE Maps and satellite images. So excited about it I drive all the way to Ohio from NC just to use GPS. How lame. From there I cycled through many phones. HTC touch


HTC touch pro


HTC snap


HTC touch pro 2


My addiction started with a now considered useless phone and spiraled out of control thanks to Might ROM. With the HTC touch pro I became addicted to flashing roms and modifying my phone. Many sleepless nights where I didn’t even use my phone for communication. Spent more time rebooting the device then actually using it. It only gets worse.

After spending a few months with the palm pre


I received the HTC hero from a Sprint rep as a gift. Afford was amazing to me. I already used GOOGLE everything lol. Now I could get my email quick and chat on gtalk easily. I wasted so many hours of my life researching modifications and hacks. It was quite ridiculous. Jumping forward to the present time, I now use the HTC Evo. This device is amazing to me. Its so incredibly versatile and hackable. This phone rarely leaves my hand. Even while driving. Even with the screen off its still being held in my hand.

I turn my phone on and try to find stuff to do on it. Check out the market place and download new useless applications. spend hours flashing different roms. Even more time setting up the desktop only to flash something different the next night.

Now that Twitter and Facebook and GOOGLE plus are all tired in to this phone there’s never a reason to put down my. Even now, at 2 am I’m blogging about my phone addiction and I’m not even a blogger… ?

Over half of the people I talk to daily are persons I’ve never met face to face. Yet I know more about them then the guy I work with every day. Something its wrong with this situation. I like to think I’m a very social person. this phone makes socializing easy. I love sharing pictures and videos. And talking about interesting things.

In all of this there lies a problem. A terrible problem. I can have very selective hearing so it seems. And I get so wrapped up in my phone I don’t hear everything my wife says when she’s talking to me while I play on my phone. I am working very hard to not spend too much time on my phone while I’m work my family.

no matter how much my in laws hate my phone I don’t plan on stopping. This is how I entertain myself. Its how I learn about world events, local news, sports and what my friends are up to. Phones make communicating worth distant friends and family easy. I love that I can share an experience at a restaurant or a moment with my son with others.

My phone makes life easier… Yet I got to working on realizing its just a phone and not ignore those around me just to play on my phone. so how about you? What is your sorry?

This is my first blog. If you can’t tell I’ve never done this before. This is a learning process. I’ll get better as I write more. Wish I didn’t work as much so that I could contribute more time to writing.

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