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Google Drive

Let’s take a ride with Google Drive.

Drive is basically a revamped version of Google Docs, that is meant to compete with Dropbox and Microsofts SkyDrive(which i currently know nothing about.) Not much has changed in the functionality of the app. I was thinking Google Drive would be more of a centralized location for all your storage. Maybe include all your music files within it.  After seeing that nothing was changed in the way files can be shared I’m glad they did not incorporate Play Music files.

Drive is very useful if you need access to your word or excel files remotely. Your are able to edit the files just like before. Other than that it can be used to back up school documents or even store files of any type. The sharing options are very limited. So despite what people were saying, this is not an app that will replace Dropbox entirely.


Sharing is limited to three option as you can see in the picture. When a friend asks me for a file on my phone it is really nice to be able to upload to Dropbox and text them a direct download link. So far this functionality is not built into Drive.

Google has announced that the SDK is available for third party developers to access Drive. However, the APIs are current for web only.

Overall there are not many changes other than the name. You get 5GB of free storage with the option to pay for more as usual. Again I don’t see myself using this app more than Dropbox, but to each their own. If you are just looking for some extra free storage to fill up for no good reason, then Gg Drive is perfect for you!



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at·ti·tude /atit(y)ood/Noun:

1. A settled way of thinking or feeling, typically reflected in a person’s behavior.

Attitude is very important in life! It effects everything that happens around you. Having a positive attitude goes a long way. It’s contagious. When you are upbeat and happy and positive, others around you have no choice but to take that all in! Who wants to be a Debby downer?

Successful people carry an attitude like AIDS, it spreads and infects others around them. Ok that’s a bad analogy, maybe it’s more like TB.

I have a sales job and I’d never be successful in hitting my goals if I did not have a positive attitude. I’m no psychologist and I’m not some crazy smart intellectual person. However, the attitude you carry with you is you. If you want to be successful in the things you do, the beginning starts with your attitude!

You think its an insane coincidence that successful people have a positive attitude? Granted if you have diarrhea no matter how positive you are, your shits still going to be runny. But come on don’t be a fool, at least its flowing and no plungers had to be used. Seriously though, at some point your success will only come about with the help of others. Whether they are supportive, the ones with the capital, or they’re a customer purchasing your product. Your attitude will affect the way others interact with you.

All I’m trying to say, is next time you go to fart in public or post a pic of you pissing on a strangers car tire, at least be enthusiastic about it. All joking aside, think positive about yourself, believe in yourself; carry yourself with respect, honesty, and integrity. That kind of attitude will get you farther than money.

Watch this short video and you will see what attitude has done for this man with one paper clip.

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Excuses are for losers

Life has changed for me so much in the past two years. Two years ago I got married then became a parent. Not in that order. Because of the economy I lost my job working for Sprint. I’ve started a new career as a store manager. Normally it’s an exciting job working for Journeys selling shoes. A fairly easy job as well. You don’t have to be smart to work here, although it doesn’t hurt to have some knowledge. Just got to be outgoing. I run my store like it’s my own business.

A few weeks ago my wife and I finally moved out of my parents place and into or very own town house. Newly built, no one has ever lived there. Kinda nice having a completely new house. Crazy awesome living on your own. Total freedom. Ok not really, I still live in the united states where nothing is free. Now all the bills come, this part is not fun. No fun at all! I actually have to manage my money. Can’t go out to eat all the time like we used to. But the payoff it’s having something to call your own. My own home. My refrigerator! Food I buy I know will be there when I get off work.

Most people think the American dream is dead. I think not! I still think living on your own and having a family is a goal for most Americans. Wow I’ve totally changed the subject of this blog from my life changes into The American Dream lives on…

…well I am living the American dream. If you’re not don’t blame this economy. I’ve made more money this past year then I ever have before. Excuses are for losers. Don’t be a loser. Don’t be that Guy.

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I’m Just Looking

Do people really still go to the mall just to look?

I work at the mall and I greet every customer that comes into my store while I’m working. The normal response is, “I’m just looking.” Yet they end up leaving with bag in hand. Maybe it’s because I have great sales people working for me. With that being said, I think more stores need to have sales people rather than clerks. The customers that come in saying “I’m just looking” are the ones that will buy if they find something they are looking for. It is tough to walk into a store and see everything in two minutes. Having a sales associate work with and talk to customers slows them down and allows the sales person to help find that customer what they are looking for. I still think majority of customers come out to the mall work things in mind they are looking for. It’s expensive to drive that escalade up to the mall just to walk around.

As a sales person I think we should all take into account the drive customers make to come up in our stores. Don’t stop at just saying hi. Take advantage of every opportunity and turn the “I’m just looking” customer into a sale.

To conclude, I believe there are those free that stool come out to the mall to hang out. But majority are here with money in pocket. The question then becomes, where are they going to spend that money?

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