Excuses are for losers

26 Apr

Life has changed for me so much in the past two years. Two years ago I got married then became a parent. Not in that order. Because of the economy I lost my job working for Sprint. I’ve started a new career as a store manager. Normally it’s an exciting job working for Journeys selling shoes. A fairly easy job as well. You don’t have to be smart to work here, although it doesn’t hurt to have some knowledge. Just got to be outgoing. I run my store like it’s my own business.

A few weeks ago my wife and I finally moved out of my parents place and into or very own town house. Newly built, no one has ever lived there. Kinda nice having a completely new house. Crazy awesome living on your own. Total freedom. Ok not really, I still live in the united states where nothing is free. Now all the bills come, this part is not fun. No fun at all! I actually have to manage my money. Can’t go out to eat all the time like we used to. But the payoff it’s having something to call your own. My own home. My refrigerator! Food I buy I know will be there when I get off work.

Most people think the American dream is dead. I think not! I still think living on your own and having a family is a goal for most Americans. Wow I’ve totally changed the subject of this blog from my life changes into The American Dream lives on…

…well I am living the American dream. If you’re not don’t blame this economy. I’ve made more money this past year then I ever have before. Excuses are for losers. Don’t be a loser. Don’t be that Guy.

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