I’m Just Looking

26 Apr

Do people really still go to the mall just to look?

I work at the mall and I greet every customer that comes into my store while I’m working. The normal response is, “I’m just looking.” Yet they end up leaving with bag in hand. Maybe it’s because I have great sales people working for me. With that being said, I think more stores need to have sales people rather than clerks. The customers that come in saying “I’m just looking” are the ones that will buy if they find something they are looking for. It is tough to walk into a store and see everything in two minutes. Having a sales associate work with and talk to customers slows them down and allows the sales person to help find that customer what they are looking for. I still think majority of customers come out to the mall work things in mind they are looking for. It’s expensive to drive that escalade up to the mall just to walk around.

As a sales person I think we should all take into account the drive customers make to come up in our stores. Don’t stop at just saying hi. Take advantage of every opportunity and turn the “I’m just looking” customer into a sale.

To conclude, I believe there are those free that stool come out to the mall to hang out. But majority are here with money in pocket. The question then becomes, where are they going to spend that money?

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