27 Apr

at·ti·tude /atit(y)ood/Noun:

1. A settled way of thinking or feeling, typically reflected in a person’s behavior.

Attitude is very important in life! It effects everything that happens around you. Having a positive attitude goes a long way. It’s contagious. When you are upbeat and happy and positive, others around you have no choice but to take that all in! Who wants to be a Debby downer?

Successful people carry an attitude like AIDS, it spreads and infects others around them. Ok that’s a bad analogy, maybe it’s more like TB.

I have a sales job and I’d never be successful in hitting my goals if I did not have a positive attitude. I’m no psychologist and I’m not some crazy smart intellectual person. However, the attitude you carry with you is you. If you want to be successful in the things you do, the beginning starts with your attitude!

You think its an insane coincidence that successful people have a positive attitude? Granted if you have diarrhea no matter how positive you are, your shits still going to be runny. But come on don’t be a fool, at least its flowing and no plungers had to be used. Seriously though, at some point your success will only come about with the help of others. Whether they are supportive, the ones with the capital, or they’re a customer purchasing your product. Your attitude will affect the way others interact with you.

All I’m trying to say, is next time you go to fart in public or post a pic of you pissing on a strangers car tire, at least be enthusiastic about it. All joking aside, think positive about yourself, believe in yourself; carry yourself with respect, honesty, and integrity. That kind of attitude will get you farther than money.

Watch this short video and you will see what attitude has done for this man with one paper clip.

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