What’s In Your Pocket?

04 May

One of my most loved and used apps ever on Android has changed it’s name! Read It Later is now called Pocket. This app is amazing, its like Jesus walking on water all over again. Has anyone ever shared a link to a website with you and there was just no time at that present moment to read that 20 paged article about Cranial Endocasting. Well now with Pocket you can save web pages for later viewing. Best part is once saved you don’t even need to have an internet connection to view. Bam! miracles at work right here. Or maybe I’ve had too much caffeine.



Pocket is very easy to use and has an ICS feel to it. The tutorial they provide for new users is awesome, wzalking you through all the available features. Once logged in you can save things from your PC, mobile phone or tablet and view them on any one of those devices through the Pocket application. Some of the nice features of Pocket include changing brightness of device, tagging/categorizing saved pages, and even viewing pictures and videos on those web pages without an internet connection.


This app is amazingly put together. I’ve had no trouble… so far, in using this app. So if you’re a procrastinator or if you only read articles while dropping intestinal excreta in ceramic bowls, then you should totally download this app. Chop-chop

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