ESPN Score Center for Android

11 May

I was just thinking about how Score Mobile is such an amazing app, why can’t ESPNs android app be this good? So I decided to check out ESPNs Score Center. Haven’t used this app since before Black Friday or whatever the politically correct term for that crazy ass day is. The app was slow, clunky and I never got any notifications on any games.


Been running Score Center along side Score Mobile. What have I noticed? I noticed I find myself setting more favorite teams just to hear ESPNs ringtone go off. I jizz a little each time. (not really) The ringtone for Score Center is cool. I’d download it just for that alone. Score Mobile just uses whatever your default notification sound is.

Let’s skip all the boring crap about every detail of the app as its free to try in Google Play Store. So stop being stingy with your memory and go download ESPN Score Center. Here is why I now like it better then Score Mobile,(SM is definitely still a good app) the main screen in SC is of all your favorite teams. You don’t have to go to each category to see what’s going on with your teams. That’s a very nice convenience. Also SC shows the next games to be played by your teams. Score Center is definitely nice to look at too with scrolling sports news at the bottom of the app just like their tv channel.

CONS: not to be confused with convict, but just about equivalent in sinfulness. ESPN’s Score Center doesn’t show live updated players stats! Just top players. I don’t give a rats ass who’s on top I wanna see Kobe’s stats. If you want that info you gotta click a link which opens up your browser. Why not just do all of that within the app itself? Reeedonkulous!


Score Mobile however has it going on in the stat department. Everything you need to know built right into the app. Guess this only matters if you’re a Guy though…


Over all this app is no longer sluggish and new features are being added all the time. If you’re bored there’s a million articles within the app written daily for your boom boom room time. That’s bathroom for you non hip people. Definitely the best app out for you sports fanatics! GET IT, Get It!

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