Apple vs Our Future

02 Jul

Ive been very frustrated lately withall that has been going on in the Tech industry mainly with Apple. Ok pretty much only with Apple. My friends think im just another iPhone hater. Only because i point out all the cool things my two year old phone does that the newer iPhone 4S dont do. In all actuality iPhones have their place just like flip phone… And rocks… IPhones are simple devices for simple people and simple uses. I always hear from my friends how the iPhone “just Works.” Lets see up until recently you couldnt even change the background on your phone, and what about setting an MP3 as a ringtone? Have you tried to do that easily lately? How about when you do a search can you just click an address and open up straight into navigation? How about click a link and open up a browser other than Safari? Nope. You must copy that link and then go open up Opera or Dolphin Browser then paste it. So many things that you got to do extra just to get something to work. So how can you say it just works? I mean ya it just works if you make calls and text. Other than that it becomes a lot more difficult to complete tasks that android does simply. So i say to all of you, Android Just Works!

I also know a lot of people who constantly accuse Google of stealing. Saying android is just a copy of iOS. Really? That makes no sense at all. Oh wait it kinda does our phones are rectangle and have a touch screen. Apple did not create the first smart phone. Get over yourselves Apple fanatics. The way i remember things going down is apple saw what microsoft was doing and saw its flaws in windows Mobile. They created a phone with a much better touch screen and a smoother interface. They used the work that microsoft had done and took it to the next level. Now Google saw the potential of a smartphone without limits and took what apple has done and advanced it. Oh wait now Apple has a problem with this? Seems a bit hypocritical if you ask me. Google’s Android is open, there are so many ways you are able to customize everything on it. Its a phone taylored to YOU. Apple seems to just release the iPhone with little changes and calls it Innovation. Has anyone reading this seen the list of updates that will be on iOS 6? iOS 6 Features

Google Maps- Turn by turn direcction with spoken directions
Siri- now ask it more
Shared Photo Stream-
FaceTime over cellular data
Phone- send to voicemail, reply with text
Mail- now you can add and attach photos and files with just a few taps

These are features Andoird has had since at least the HTC Evo 4G was released. Granted Voice Search doesnt talk back. Well it does in Android Jelly Bean. This is what apple is doing. Making your iPhone’s better. This is cool im iPhone usuers can finally do more things with their phones. But before you go and claim your phones are the best think again. You should really check into your facts.

Ok so i got a little off topic there, but i think this is a good place to end. Apples iOS was revolutionary no doubt, but it stops there. Android has taken smartphones even farther. Apples business model of trying to stamp out the commpetition by litigation is terrible for our future. Competition is healthy for technological advancements. Apple isnt concerned with innovation, their concern lies with the shareholders and with making more money. Remember that the next time you go to pay 3x more for an Apple laptop then for a PC.

Our future is endangered by Apple. #boycottApple

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