Are You Rooted?

01 Aug

If not you should definitely check out talking to a psychologist and get root access to your inner self. The benefits of knowing why you make the choices you make in life would be unlimited. That applies to your android or even your iPhone. Since you are capable of rooting why not? By rooting your device and flashing a recovery you are able to create a complete back up of your phone. Everything save the SD card content is saved and can be installed at any time. What rooting does is gives you access to the root folders of the device and the ability to edit them. There are apps in the Google Play store that require root access. The biggest of these is Titanium Backup Pro. It backs up all of your applications and system data. It is capable of installing all of your apps and the settings of each apps. I have my device backed up weekly. You can even have your files backed up and automatically uploaded to your dropbox account.

Just because you root your device doesn’t mean that you need to flash a ROM. A ROM is basically a zip file compiled by someone that has everything necessary for a device to run. It’s basically an OS in a zip file. ROMs change how android looks runs and can enhance your phones abilities. For example, when using Cyanogen Mod 7 you can flash(install) different kernels. By doing this I am able to regulate the speed of my CPU. I have an app I purchased from the Play Store called SetCPU. This app allows me to change the speed of the CPU based on conditions of the device. If the battery is less than 20% I could cut the speed of the CPU down to half. This saves battery. Personally I have it set to drop down to about 400Mhz, when the screen is off. Then I have it “On Demand” (this feature drops the CPU down low but automatically ups the CPU power as needed) this also saves battery by not running the CPU at a constant 1Ghz. This ROM CM7 is your basic flavor of android. You don’t have HTC Sense or Samsung TouchWiz sticking their fingers in every aspect of android and changing it. Because the ROM isn’t so memory heavy it runs smoother and gives you better battery life.

There are many other popular ROMs out there to download. Each person finds their own that works great for them based off of how they use their device. Beware flashing ROMs becomes addicting. That is your warning.

Again all rooting does is allow you to enhance your devices. It even makes the iPhone functional. I’m only kidding, but in all seriousness it does give you the ability to add useful features to the iPhone that it should have but doesn’t. So go to Google type how to root YOUR DEVICE NAME. Who knows you may actually start to like your device.

XDA-Developers is a great place for resources definitely check it out.

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