Vote 4 The People

04 Aug

What are we going to do? What is in store for the future of our nation? It scares the crap out of me just thinking about it. No really its what I think about when I’m constipated. I dont really like taking medicine. Seriously though… I’m not one that is an expert on any topic. I dabble in a little bit of everything. But I’ve been reading, listening(podcasts & radio) and watching. I’m freaking lost. Like an ant that’s lost its trail. We have Obama, the nations first black president. Who built his campaign off of CHANGE and YES WE CAN. He inherited a freaking mess for sure. While the US was already headed into a recession as Bush was taking office, Bush and his minions secured our decline. –Thanks guys…. fucking pricks– but what has he done to improve our nations problems. Sure, its not a quick fix. But usually by now we should be seeing some improvements. The unemployment rate dropping, the dollar strengthened. But nothing, just a continued downward spiral in my note book. Obama has failed us.

I think it is time for a change. Obama scares me. His ties with the Muslim Brotherhood are just suspicious. But let’s put all that aside. I have friends, well I used to anyways before I started working non stop. And those friends started their own business in the wireless industry. They started small and worked their way up. Yet Barack Obama says they didn’t build that business… these two friends sacraficed their love for one another to build this business. They are now divorced through all the stresses if building a business. And you say the government gave that to them? I think not! Hell I’m not even a business owner, but I remember leaving home at 20 years old with $50 and the clothes I had on. Moved 5 hours north in California. Started with basically nothing. Now I am a Store manager, I’m married, I live in a brand new town home and I own 3 cars. Did the government give me that too? NO! That was me! I had ups and Downs, depressed and completely lost. I even moved 3000 miles to North Carolina on a chance. No government or president gave me what I have. I earned it. I deserve it. So how can I vote for Obama who thinks he gave me the luxuries I have? That’s total disrespect.

Ok well who else can I vote for…? Romney? Man this dudes scary too. He’s a liar I’m sure.(well duh, he’s a politician) but he expects things of others yet not of himself. He’s always asked that his opponents reveal their taxes. Yet he never shows his. I’m confused. Now I’ve been reading that he is now starting to reveal personal financial information. Of what I’m not 100% on. But at the same time he doesn’t look like a better option than Obama either. I feel like I could be elected and besides the speech part of the job just surround myself with amazing advisors and do a better job than these two wackos. (I’m done fantasizing about becoming President) In all seriousness, what are we to do? Pick the lesser of the two evils? If so I’m voting Romney. A change is needed. But the change needed, needs to come from us, the people. Because you know Washington DC ain’t about to help us out. They’re to self diluted to see what’s really going on. So how about we vote for the people? Is that a choice on the ballot?

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