Stuffing My Face I Lost 7lbs

22 Aug

I have been on a “diet” but not really for about 10 days now. I dont have a certain amount of points or calories. I really dont have any rules really. So im not sure that i can even call it a diet, b ut heres what i am doing. Instead of setting all these “i cant have this” “i cant have that” rules and totally over whelming myself. Basically setting me up for instant failure like the last hundred diets i went on. I decided that theres two things i love that are the worst thing i could eat. Theres two things that are just ruining my life. Ok not ruining, thats a bit extreme. Chips! Soda! Doritos! Mountain Dew! To be more specific. When eating anything i like have to have Chips or something potatoey…. Potatoey? Yeah that fits. In the mornings i often have a Mountain Dew Code Red. That stuff is Crack! Cracking open a can of that glowing red sweet bliss just makes mondays bearable. Having one late at night like 1 am while i play video games? WTF was i thinking? I used to weight 175lbs… 6 years ago. And now im 270lbs? Thats basically 16lbs a year since i was 21! You know that freshman 5 or whatever its called? Ya that freshman year never ended for me… I drank that weight on and never stopped.

So basically i am not drinking soda or eating chips with my meals. I detoxed for 7 days having nothing to drink but water. Ive completely cut out chips from my diet as well. Im not starving myself like before. Instead ive introduced more fruit into my diet. When im craving a sweet snack i have a banana or an apple or maybe an orange. Although growing up in cali nothing is as sweet as a ripe California Orange picked right off the tree. I have been eating healthier, its not too hard making healthier decisions on what to eat. Most places you go have meals around 500 calories. I love turkey sandwiches and i actually prefer wheat bread over white bread. I have a Forman grill and cooking a chicken breast is so easy on there. So over this last week a typpical day as far as my meals go have been: bowl of cereal, water(ive been driking lots of water)an apple a couple hours later, then a banana and a sandwich for lunch(usually turkey with fat free cheese and mustard) then some yogurt or more fruit and then chicken for dinner with some rice(yes white rice i know)

Well all these low calorie days has led to me losing 7 pounds. And i havent even been working out. Wait until i start jogging again. That will really help with my weight loss. But i know that i will definitely need to eat a little more when im working out. The whole point of this post is that ya im not making crazy weight loss i have made progress. I just need to stick with it. The second point to this post is that it proves that to lose weight you dont have to starve yourself. On the contrary… Ive practically ate all day long. I just chose low calorie meals. Heck i even ate at taco bell today haha… I just had the steak soft taco with just lettuce. And had a water to drink. Its not hard. But i do remember t reward myself or give in to a craving every now and athen. Over the last 10 days of my weight loss i had chinese food. So what i dont feel guilty. Ive done well and i will continue to do well. Got to stay motivated cuz i want to be healthy and be there for my son when im older.

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