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Presidential Toilet Paper

After watching the presidential national conventions I’m #OneConfusedMofo. I have to admit I was 100% against reelecting Obama. There was so many stories going around of him and The Muslim Brotherhood. And just the entire economy issue. But Clinton made a good point; he inherited a trashed economy and a shit job of a presidency by Bush. A fucking republican! Now I’m really not big on political stuff that’s going on. Really I’m not fully educated on all the facts. Hell, is there even a website where you can get the stories and facts that aren’t opinions twisted and half backwards? Cuz all I hear is they’re doing this they’re doing that. You know what fuckers? Y’all sound like a bunch of prepubescent teens arguing about sports teams! Trying to prove why your team is better. And twisting around everything someone else does and cutting half the truth out shitting on it eating it regurgitating it then whispering it into a two year old ear and making him repeat it to another child until it comes back full circle sounding like a bunch of gibberish. Seriously… Wtf is really going on. The only person in this whole mess that made any bit of sense to me was Clinton! Fuck why can’t he just run again!?

If you ask me I think we’re all screwed and were just gonna have to deal with crap. So I think I’m going to invest what extra cash I have in toilet paper… I suggest you go the same.

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Posted by on September 8, 2012 in Political