I’m Not Political But I Voted!(Edited)

08 Nov

Most people who know me, I think, would have positive and negative things to say about me. No matter what the criticism was, I would probably disagree and argue about it. That’s just who I am. Very defensive and argumentative. I’m not afraid to express my opinion even if it is different then someone else’s. So when I told people who I voted for I got some back lash. Expected, considering I live in the South. But also cuz it shocked the people I talked politics to. I had been completely and thoroughly against the Reelection of Obama. Why did my opinion change so fast? If any of you have read my previous blogs you would know my feelings on the topic. What has changed since then is my source of information.

Let me just jump to the point of me writing this. I started off against Obama. I felt like our economy sucked and things in general weren’t going well. But when I question myself the first thing I found is that all of my information was coming from a biased opinion. Conservatives, who I’ve decided have their head stuck up their ass. And probably the reason nothing is getting accomplished in this country.

Since all I could find is finger pointing from both sides I decided to take a look at my own life. How are things for myself and my family? What about my friends? More common then not I found every one I knew in a better spot then they were four years ago. My brother had gone from working 4 part time jobs to a single full time with benefits job. My wife has had $2 in raises over a two year period. As for myself just this year alone I will more than double what I made last year. Putting money aside what about jobs? The unemployment rate? I found more problems with the system then I did with lack of work. The stories I could tell you about the people turning in applications are just pitiful. I had a lady tell me about how hard it was for her to find any work and was practically begging me for a job. Yet she was in pajamas filling out an application. Seriously? I have had friends unemployed, but they continued to turn jobs down because they didn’t want to change fields. I personal started out in the tech industry. Everything I did from middle school to college had to do with networking and computer repair. But here I am in retail management. I had to adapt and change. This is a whole different topic of discussion my point is that it’s my opinion that there are plenty of jobs out there and our economy isn’t as bad off as people say.

So I voted for Obama! Why not? Romney looked conniving from the start. He wasn’t the best choice to run against Obama. While I’m not on board with everything Obama says or does, I do believe he will do a better job this term then Romney would have. No matter what the republicans will complain. You can’t possibly make everyone happy. Only time will tell if the majority of Americans made the correct choice in Obama.

“I cannot give you a sure fire formula for success, but I can give you the formula for failure, which is: Try to please everybody” -H Swope

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One response to “I’m Not Political But I Voted!(Edited)

  1. Javan Norman

    November 12, 2012 at 9:46 pm

    I read this a little late. But alright……alright.


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