Apple, Time For A New Wardrobe!

11 Nov

Apple you are becoming as tasty as a bag of chips left open all night. What gives?

While iPhones do have some pretty decent hardware and a solid OS, little has changed in iOS(save for a few updates that added key features to iPhones.) If nothing new or “revolutionary” is done to revamp interest in iOS, I’m afraid Apple will continue its decline. And by decline I’m referring to mobile market share. The lack of customizing your experience on an iPhone has left me wanting more from the device.

You see, when iPhones were initially released it was amazing. The ease of use. The Apps, oh the apps. How amazing compared to Windows Mobile, which is what I used initially. Flash forward to 2012 and not much has changed other then hardware. Things are just getting stale.

This year we have seen a lot of new hardware. New iPad, iPad mini, iMac and Mac Book Pro with retina display. I think its time to revamp iOS and there’s no way I’m alone. There’s no way Apple doesn’t see this. That is why I believe 2013 will be the year for iOS! You can already see the change in the management team. I think these changes will be risky. Just like Apple redesigning Maps. They’re gonna have to get this right!

Good Luck Apple! You’re gonna need it!

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Posted by on November 11, 2012 in Tech


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