Xbox SmartGlass Review… kinda

12 Nov

So today I decided that I should check out Microsoft’s new android app, Xbox Smart Glass. In the video above you get to see me use the app for the first time. I had heard about its functions before and read a review. Thought I would share my own experience with you guys. First off, the app it self is pretty sexy. Secondly, its new so there’s kinks to be worked out. But overall the app does the basics of what they set out to accomplish initially. They stuck with the Xbox 360 theme as well as sounds. Which is nice, there’s no confusion on where things are located if you’ve ever used your Xbox. It allows you to see your own recent activity, which I think is pretty pointless, but who am I to say that. The coolest feature and the only one is ever use the app for is the wireless controller. The Wireless controller works just like the Xbox controller only you’re using your PHONE! Its not a Bluetooth or direct WiFi connection. I think it uses a Microsoft server because you are able to use it whether on WiFi or 3G data. In the video you will see how easy it is to use and learn how to navigate around. One of the greatest features of using the wireless controller is the ability to use your phones keyboard and not being stuck with the keyboard on the Xbox screen keyboard. It is also great if you are watching movies. No need to carry that clunky controller around. Just use your phone. All in all the app is delicious. Its put together well. On my stock Galaxy Nexus it works flawlessly. No glitches or force closes as of yet. Definitely head to the the Google Play Store and check it out for free!

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Posted by on November 12, 2012 in Tech



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