Think It’s Time To Get Paranoid About Your Android

26 Nov


This is an Android ROM running JellyBean 4.2! This ROM is amazing! Disregarding the bugs of JB 4.2, which just cant be avoided but are not bother some either, this ROM is superb. The features this ROM provides completely enhances the user experience. The main feature that makes ParanoidAndroid a beast is the ability to change the DPI on the fly. While I’m no expert on the topic, the visual changes are incredible and easy to point out. Check out this screen shot of my Galaxy Nexus looking like a tablet or better known as a Phablet.


This is obviously not necessary, but its fun! This just helps feed ROM “Flashers” addiction. so many different modifications are available in this ROM. Many more features will be added as time goes on. I could write for days about the new features brought to your phone by upgrading to JB 4.2, but this post is just to inform you of ParanoidAndroid’s existence. I personally have used this ROM without any glitches. It is my daily driver and it should be yours too!!! So hurry up and go check it out at XDA. click –>> ParanoidAndroid



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