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AT&T Galaxy S4 Locked Down

Just to put you hip on the latest news, it’s now confirmed AT&T variant of the S4 is locked down. Plain and simple this means the phone won’t easily be rooted. Making it harder for the devs out there to develop awesome ROMS and enhance the features of this phone.

Personally I think this is a ridiculous move by AT&T. It solves nothing. The S4 is already being released on the other carriers so customers don’t needed to buy it from AT&T and then switch over. I don’t understand why AT&T would do such a thing and upset such a big community of users. This phone is a power house! The main users of this phone area going to want to max it’s potential.  Ok maybe of community isn’t very big. But still all your doing AT&T is making it take longer. Had over to ANDROID POLICE for the details!

As always you can find my contract information at ABOUT.ME/JOSH_LEE

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Lunch Breaking The Bank

One of the curses of working retail is the easy access of fast-food. It’s quick and appears to be cheap. Bringing lunch requires thought and planning. Not having a refrigerator at work makes bringing lunch harder.

I don’t know about you but here’s a summary of how my mornings go. Wake up at 8am to be to work by 9am. 30 minute shower, rush downstairs begin rummaging through the fridge. Looking for any leftovers that I can grab. Can’t find anything so I’ll just grab a cheap breakfast and lunch.

All of that leads me to getting breakfast at McDonald’s then lunch at Sheetz. For lunch I’m like 3 hotdogs for a $1! I’m in! Add cheese, chili and don’t forget the boom boom sauce.(Can’t forget the Boom Boom sauce!) This is going to make me thirsty so I grab a drink. That dollar lunch just turned into $6. Plus at least $3 for breakfast. Now it’s not much but over time it adds up.

This behavior is exactly what has allowed me accrue debt. It has made it easy to gain weight and hard to stay healthy. All that needs to be changed here is discipline! The discipline to get up earlier, to make my own lunch to bring to work. It’s really not hard. This is just me being lazy.

So today I begin a new journey. No fast food for 7 whole days. (Right after I finish this McDonald’s biscuit.) Typing that out looks so bad! If it’s a challenge to go 7 days without fast-food our society is doomed. One person at a time I guess. Take a look at your bank statement or better yet check out add up how much money you spend going out to eat. Mine was on the high side this month, $300. If you count going out for dinner though it was at $500. What can I say my wife and I like to eat good.

So my commitment to myself is to have the discipline to eat breakfast at home, to bring lunch to work, and to not eat fast food for seven days. It will be very tough for me to do this. But ya got to go through Hell to get to Heaven right?

As always you can reach me @ ABOUT.ME/JOSH_LEE I’m on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus.

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First Day With My S4

After working 13 hours on a busy Saturday I got home to find my amazing wife had purchased the Samsung Galaxy S4 just for me! I have been dropping hints that I’ve wanted this phone since I heard about it. So much so I conveniently left my best buy credit card on the kitchen counter. She had been hinting at getting out for me all day. But our local bestbuy was sold out. I was so excited to finally get my hands on this phone. So I plopped down on the couch and proceeded to ask my wife for another Corona about every 20 minutes until I ran out. I got to know my new tech for the next 5 hours! I didn’t go to bed until 3am. It’s it that serious? No not really but this is like Christmas all over again. I’m addicted to my android device. No this isn’t a self diagnosis, I hear it from my wife daily. I concur with her because she’s “always right” but also because I do find myself picking up my phone, looking at it just to find something to do. At least this addiction isn’t effecting my health. This phone did have S-Health lol

If you have an android device or even iOS if it’s not the S4 you need to go down to your local mobile store and put your hands on this device. It’s smooth, packed full of features and the screen is just ridiculous! The camera app is fat and packed full of cool features. Which for me, having a 3 year old will definitely help getting that perfect picture. But this isn’t a review of the Galaxy S4. There are a million of those already out there. This is just me shading my excitement over the advancements of technology. And maybe a little gloating over the fact that I have the hottest phone on the market right now!

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Writing Everyday!

I’m looking to start writing something everyday. Nothing big, nothing important. I think writing is an important and very useful skill. Especially in this digital age. Writing allows you to express yourself. It helps to relieve stress. It allows you to explain your point of view and persuade others. Writing is fun! Making writing everyday will definitely be a challenge. I don’t have much free time as is. I think writing more often will let me connect to the people that read my blog. Which I may just be writing to myself but that is perfectly fine. I will be able to reflect on what I wrote about an re-read it as a reader and become a better writer because of it. I hope you guys enjoy what I post and any feedback is always welcome.
I’m always looking to connect with new people and expand my horizon of knowledge. So you can connect with me on Facebook, Twitter and Google plus. Just go to and all my links can be found there. Have a great weekend!

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HTC One for AT&T currently has an unlockable bootloader, but that’ll soon change

This is huge! Pass this along please!

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Twitter announces TweetDeck AIR, TweetDeck for Android and iPhone removal as May 7th

Looks like Twitter has finally set a date. As of May 7th TweetDeck AIR, TwwetDeck for android and iPhone will be shut down completely. Twitter says they are focusing on providing a fast and rich web experience. I’ll have to test this out on their web based site as well as the chrome app. The main reason for the apps being shut down is because they still rely on Twitter’s v1.0 api. Which will be retired shortly.

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Custom ROM Spotlight: Liquid Smooth for the Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Nexus 10, and Many More

This is a pretty awesome ROM. Personally I prefer XenonHD. However, liquid smooth is exactly as described. It is released for many devices. Head over to XDA to check it out!

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