The Switch

18 Apr

Currently I am a customer of Sprint and have been since 2007. I’ve loved Sprint for many reasons. None being its data speed. When Sprint first introduced 4G Wimax I worked in Raleigh and bought the HTC Evo. Man that was a breath of fresh air. Of course wimax is now dead it rarely ever worked anyways. So now after years of watching all my friends leave Sprint and start enjoying true data speed on their phones, its time I start thinking of switching too.

Verizon is too expensive ATT is too. But I have family on ATT so I’m thinking of jumping on their plan. My wife has 4G pretty much everywhere we travel. She’s always streaming music or YouTube videos. I find myself using her phone more than my own.

Yesterday while having lunch with my brother in the small town of Zebulon I checked the time on my phone. My phone displayed the 4G symbol next to the time and I had to do a double take. Tested my data speed and was getting 4M download speeds. Nothing like my wife’s 14M download speeds, but fast enough that things loaded noticeably faster.

My dilemma is that Sprint seems to be rolling out 4G pretty fast so far this year. 21 new locations this morning went live! Droid Life Article check that out. Still thinking ATT is the better bet for right now. In two years though Sprint could be dangerous! What do you guys think? What carrier do you prefer? And should I make the switch or stick around a little longer?

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