Writing Everyday!

27 Apr

I’m looking to start writing something everyday. Nothing big, nothing important. I think writing is an important and very useful skill. Especially in this digital age. Writing allows you to express yourself. It helps to relieve stress. It allows you to explain your point of view and persuade others. Writing is fun! Making writing everyday will definitely be a challenge. I don’t have much free time as is. I think writing more often will let me connect to the people that read my blog. Which I may just be writing to myself but that is perfectly fine. I will be able to reflect on what I wrote about an re-read it as a reader and become a better writer because of it. I hope you guys enjoy what I post and any feedback is always welcome.
I’m always looking to connect with new people and expand my horizon of knowledge. So you can connect with me on Facebook, Twitter and Google plus. Just go to and all my links can be found there. Have a great weekend!

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