First Day With My S4

28 Apr

After working 13 hours on a busy Saturday I got home to find my amazing wife had purchased the Samsung Galaxy S4 just for me! I have been dropping hints that I’ve wanted this phone since I heard about it. So much so I conveniently left my best buy credit card on the kitchen counter. She had been hinting at getting out for me all day. But our local bestbuy was sold out. I was so excited to finally get my hands on this phone. So I plopped down on the couch and proceeded to ask my wife for another Corona about every 20 minutes until I ran out. I got to know my new tech for the next 5 hours! I didn’t go to bed until 3am. It’s it that serious? No not really but this is like Christmas all over again. I’m addicted to my android device. No this isn’t a self diagnosis, I hear it from my wife daily. I concur with her because she’s “always right” but also because I do find myself picking up my phone, looking at it just to find something to do. At least this addiction isn’t effecting my health. This phone did have S-Health lol

If you have an android device or even iOS if it’s not the S4 you need to go down to your local mobile store and put your hands on this device. It’s smooth, packed full of features and the screen is just ridiculous! The camera app is fat and packed full of cool features. Which for me, having a 3 year old will definitely help getting that perfect picture. But this isn’t a review of the Galaxy S4. There are a million of those already out there. This is just me shading my excitement over the advancements of technology. And maybe a little gloating over the fact that I have the hottest phone on the market right now!

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