Lunch Breaking The Bank

29 Apr

One of the curses of working retail is the easy access of fast-food. It’s quick and appears to be cheap. Bringing lunch requires thought and planning. Not having a refrigerator at work makes bringing lunch harder.

I don’t know about you but here’s a summary of how my mornings go. Wake up at 8am to be to work by 9am. 30 minute shower, rush downstairs begin rummaging through the fridge. Looking for any leftovers that I can grab. Can’t find anything so I’ll just grab a cheap breakfast and lunch.

All of that leads me to getting breakfast at McDonald’s then lunch at Sheetz. For lunch I’m like 3 hotdogs for a $1! I’m in! Add cheese, chili and don’t forget the boom boom sauce.(Can’t forget the Boom Boom sauce!) This is going to make me thirsty so I grab a drink. That dollar lunch just turned into $6. Plus at least $3 for breakfast. Now it’s not much but over time it adds up.

This behavior is exactly what has allowed me accrue debt. It has made it easy to gain weight and hard to stay healthy. All that needs to be changed here is discipline! The discipline to get up earlier, to make my own lunch to bring to work. It’s really not hard. This is just me being lazy.

So today I begin a new journey. No fast food for 7 whole days. (Right after I finish this McDonald’s biscuit.) Typing that out looks so bad! If it’s a challenge to go 7 days without fast-food our society is doomed. One person at a time I guess. Take a look at your bank statement or better yet check out add up how much money you spend going out to eat. Mine was on the high side this month, $300. If you count going out for dinner though it was at $500. What can I say my wife and I like to eat good.

So my commitment to myself is to have the discipline to eat breakfast at home, to bring lunch to work, and to not eat fast food for seven days. It will be very tough for me to do this. But ya got to go through Hell to get to Heaven right?

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