My Galaxy S4(Not Another Review)

03 May

There’s a million reviews of the Samsung Galaxy S4 out there. This isn’t one of them! This is just a quick overview of my first week using this phone. First off I chose the S4 over the HTC One. I’ve heard a lot of people not agree with this decision. Why, I’m not 100% sure. What I do know is why Samsung earned my business.

Let me begin by saying I’m not super critical. I only require my device to do a few things. There are two things that are very important to me besides data service. Those are being able to share things quickly and to take good pictures as well as video. I’m sure the HTC One could do this just fine. However, I’m coming from the Galaxy Nexus, which was already on Android 4.2.2. It seems like a waste of money to me then to purchase a new phone that is running an older version of android then my current device. Also I’m more involved in Twitter and Google Plus then I am Facebook, blink feed just wouldn’t get used. Then there’s the camera with the “ultra” pixel. I’m not experienced in this department, but I just don’t feel like that technology is very good in mobile phones just yet. I could be completely wrong, but I wasn’t blown away by the camera on the HTC One.

The things I like most on my new S4 are the smoothness of the UI. Tweaked a few things and TouchWiz is much snappier now. I love the notification drop down bar. It’s on point! It has every toggle I need and had it available quickly. I also like all the neat “gimmicky” features in the camera app. Surprisingly I’ve already found use for a few of them. I like being able to take pictures while video recording. That’s nothing new, but I couldn’t do that before. My biggest issue I’ve had with all devices ever had been sharing things quickly. I hate when I find an article that I want to share and once clicking share I have to wait up to 4 second for the share options to pop up. That was ridiculous! That lag is no longer there, I want to share something and the menu pops right up. This is good for me as I often post the same topics from my Twitter and Google Plus updates to my Facebook.

One last thing that is important to note is the battery life. That’s one of the first questions I get asked from my non techy friends. With this big screen and a ton of features running as well as no way to turn off lte, one would think that battery life would be horrible. NOPE! I have screen shots posted to show you my battery life. That is with fairly heavy usage. That’s with some Pandora, watched a YouTube video, played some ingress, surfed the web and posted a ton of status updates praising the data speeds of my new phone. All in all I’m very happy with my new phone. Every one is different as well as what their needs are in a device. I’m just saying you should check out the Galaxy S4. I think it’s significantly better then the S3. All the videos I watch pre-release of this phone said that it felt flimsy or cheaply made and that the HTC One was just superb. Well I don’t know what device they were holding but this one feels much better in my hand them the S3. Didn’t really matter though I already have a case for it.

If you are due for am update I would definitely stop by your local mobile center and check out both the S4 and the htc one. To me there is no other device out there better. Well maybe the note 2, but that’s a whole different class of a phone. As always you can easily connect with me through ABOUT.ME/JOSH_LEE



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