PUK! What?

04 May

Puk huh? Puk me? Puk…. is now the only game you will ever need to play on your android phone.  Pronounced Puck! This game is simple graphically and objectively. There’s a thousand unique levels of adrenaline packed fun! Yes I said adrenaline! Frantic flicking and shaking of your device. When the time is winding down trust me your competitive side just flies out of you.


The object of the game is very simple. The goal is to sling the available puks at the bottom of the screen into the white discs. Depending on the size of the discs you might need to crash more puks into it. Don’t forget about the little bar at the bottom that separates the puks from the discs. It’s your time limit. When it fills in your time it’s up and if there are any discs left the game is over. As you complete levels the game gets harder. Obstacles get added in the form of lines that may block direct slinging of the puk into the disc. When the game is over it does give you the ability to share your score to Twitter or Facebook. Start some bragging wars! Oh the app’s not free, why would that stop you? It’s only $1.05. So the next time you find yourself grabbing lunch at McDonald’s instead of buying that McChicken skip it. Have a seat, download this game and be late getting back to work. GET YOUR PUK ON!
Click to download Puk



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