05 May

Sitting on my couch last night after a long day at work I discovered that my tv remote was no longer working. Neither my wife or I wanted to get up and change the channel. So she started playing games on her phone while I checked out some of the cool things my phone could do. Then bam! Found out that the S4 had an app called WatchOn that could be used as a remote to control any tv!

Connecting the app to my devices was very easy, a couple clicks and your new remote is ready to use! A nice feature of the app is the ability to pull up my tv guide. I can pull up the guide on my device’s screen and just tap a channel making the tv change. They also break down shows into categories like sports, movies, comedy, etc. At the top of the app is an option for “MOVIES” I could not get that to work. Every time I clicked a movie the app would lock up and I would have to force close it. Besides that, the app works great.

My wife said to me last night, “that’s cool and all, but it’s not very practical. Why use that when you can use a regular remote that can control everything?” By everything she is referring to the fact that this app can’t control your menu options, like searching for a show or accessing your dvr. This app however serves a good use though. I know a lot of people on their phone texting or checking social networks at all times of the day. So if you are already holding your phone why not just use that instead of fumbling around trying to find the remote.

Everyone has had those times they are searching for the remote to hurry and get the tv turned to a sports show. Or maybe you just flat out can’t find your remote because your ferret hid it from you again. Either way, definitely check out this app if you have an S4. It comes installed stock on the Samsung Galaxy S4, no need to visit the play store.
Here’s some screen shots of the app.



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