How To Easily Share Your Google Plus Account

06 May

I was wondering today how to easily share my Google Plus account as that is where I am most active. I want others on Twitter and Facebook to easily be able to connect to me. To me it is very important that others can easily connect with me. The use of About.Me has been awesome and you should definitely check it out and create one yourself. The fact that I was able to use (such a common name) goes to show how little people are actually using it. Now sharing your Google Plus profile is actually really easy and fast. Let me show you how.

First go to it should look like this.


Second go to Google Plus and click on your profile tab. At the top you will see then some numbers. Select and Copy those numbers.


Finally go back to and paste those numbers there. Then just type in a nickname of your choosing. As long as its not already being used then you may use it. Here’s mine!


Now you are finished! If I ever want to share my profile or tell a friend how to find me I just share and they will find me without a problem. If this helped you hit the like button or come follow me on twitter, Facebook, or Google Plus.


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