Help Wanted! SEO!

09 May
Help Wanted! SEO!

After listening in and asking a few questions in Tuesdays twitter chat, #googlepluschat it really got me thinking. So this evening I signed out of Google and started doing some searches. What did I search for:

  1. Joshua Lee(my name)
  2. Joshua Lee Google Plus
  3. AndroidNurd

With searches number 1 and 2 I got nothing. I went 15 pages in and still NOTHING! However, when I search AndroidNurd, which is my twitter handle as well as my blog name; I take up every result on the first page. SEO is very important to me. For my followers who don’t know what that is:



Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine‘s “natural” or un-paid (“organic“) search results.

This is extremely important for someone like me who relies almost solely on Google’s traffic to get people to view my posts. I want to get my stuff to more and more people. Yes social media is also very important, but people get on Google every day and search. I want to pop up in these searches. I want to be on the first page of results. For the majority out there, if it’s not on the first page then it doesn’t exist. Well, to be honest, I want to EXIST! I want people other than who I interact with on a daily bases to know that I am here! So I am reaching out for help to become more easily searchable. So if there’s anyone out there with any advice then I am all ears. I am totally open to learning new things.

If you are still reading I have a few questions. All answers and advice are welcome.

  1. With my name being Joshua Lee and such a common name should I add AndroidNurd to my Google Plus profile to fall in line with being searchable like my twitter account?
  2. What can I do to my blog to make Google or other search engines show my posts more?
  3. How can I monetize my blog?
  4. What advice do you have for me? It could be the look of my blog, what I’m posting about, maybe even topics I should cover. Anything at all I am open to discussion.

Please check out my blog:



Again I want to say thank you to all that can help me out. It is greatly appreciated and I enjoy the conversations!

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