Google Play Music All Access

15 May

Just a little while ago at Google i/o they announced a new service that will be available in the US starting today. It’s called Google Play Music All Access or just call it Access. This service is going to be huge.  Who needs Spotify? With this new service they are taking the old days where listening to music was not about technology. It was just about the music. There are so many features packed into this app. The basics are that it’s going to allow you to not only use your own music, but make auto playlists with music like it.  This part of the service is similar to Pandora. However, unlike Pandora you can see a whole list of what’s coming up next. If there are any songs coming up you don’t like you can just swipe them away. I don’t know about you but my wife is always skipping g to the next songs when listening to Pandora or other streaming applications.

There are many other features built I to this music app. I can’t wait to play with it.  Google giving everyone 30 days free after that it will be $9.99/month. But if you sign up before July you will get it for $7.99/month. This service will be huge for the android community.



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