Is BBM Too Late In The Game?

15 May
Is BBM Too Late In The Game?

News flash! BBM is coming to iOS and Android. Just wanted to tell you in case you lived under a rock. It’s not trending on twitter so I would expect most people to know about it. It seems to be every other post on news sites I frequent.  It is true, BlackBerry Messenger is finally breaking free of its chains! It’s probably going to get released during the summer, but I’m not here to talk details of the press reports. You can catch the details here:

Man does this seems so 2008, or am I just crazy? So many people have switched to amazing apps like Whatsapp or iMessage. Even Google Messenger offers features that replace the need for BBM. Is it too late for BlackBerry to be releasing this? I think so. I don’t think it will take off and be a valid alternative to what’s already out there. Sure people will download it, getting it to millions of downloads quickly. But it will end just like Facebook Home downloaded and not used. No way this sticks around and becomes a “force to be reckoned with.” Personally I use Whatsapp for messaging friends quickly. With Whatsapp all you need to have is the person’s phone number. Not some PIN. This makes connecting with contacts much easier. Apparently BBM voice and BBM Video will also be available on iOS and Android. Google Plus Hangout is what I use as it already has all of my contacts plus anyone that I have circled on Google+. Again switching to BBM would just be an inconvenience. There is however, one of the feature of BBM called screen sharing, which is pretty cool. I admit that has its advantages.

In the end I think this is a futile effort on RIMs part to try and stay relevant. They focused too much on the business side of things and left the teens out. Don’t they know kids always get what they want? In the end RIM isn’t going anywhere. This will just be another app to challenge other apps that are similar to it. Which is a good thing in my opinion; competition will only breed better features and user experience. What do you think? Do you think BBM will take off or do you think that it’s too late for them to enter the game? Leave comments below or respond on Google Plus.

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