Dove Commercial Stirs Emotions

16 May
Dove Commercial Stirs Emotions


If you haven’t watched this Dove commercial, you need to. It hits you right in the heart. Besides them advertising a product, this is an emotion stirring commercial. Now I sit here and I evaluate the way I look at myself. I think about why are there times that I lack confidence when I’m normally a very confident person. This commercial got me thinking about how I use what I think others are thinking to base a decision on. I don’t know what anyone else’s thoughts are. Each and every person perceives things differently based on their life experiences. It really got me thinking, thoughts swirling all over the place. This commercial really shows that people don’t see you in the negative light you sometimes put yourself in. The message I think is to have confidence in the way you look. We are all beautiful people.  The question now is, if they went back and had another drawing done, would it change any? For better or for worse? What are your guys’ thoughts on this commercial? Did you like it?

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