What’s Wrong With Google Plus Updates?

16 May
What’s Wrong With Google Plus Updates?

Seems like everywhere I look this morning someone is complaining about the updates to Google+. I have yet to see a post anyone has written saying they love it. Not saying there aren’t any positives, I’m just missing them. Google Plus seems to be getting hit hard today. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen this many posts being created so quickly. I love all the activity. Change is difficult. In any aspect of life whether it is in your career or down to your favorite coffee shop shutting down changing your normal routine is difficult. Change is always happening and yesterday Google pushed us forward. I don’t see any of these changes made pushing us back. Google took away the Auto Update feature. I personally like that auto update was removed, it allows me to read all the stuff that’s going on and then when I’m ready I can click update. It slows everything down for those that follow so many people. These changes that have been made will take time to get used to, but I’m confident that Google is headed in the right direction. What are some of your thoughts on these changes? Are there any that you like?

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