China Is Hacking Again?

20 May

Just a warning this may offend some people if you continue reading…

So apparently China is back at it again hacking company’s servers. They aren’t bombing us or terrorizing our cities, but this is the digital age. All of the businesses store their data on computers. Those computers are connected to the internet, which means anyone with an Internet connection can come in contact with these servers. Now companies like CocaCola have guarded recipes. This is the type of information China is after. At least that’s my opinion on the topic. They are not just looking for intelligence, they are after information that will make them money and eventually hurt the US economy.

This is the new age war that’s not fought with muscles or bullets. This to me is scarier then dropping bombs. This means war in my head. We need to pull A Call of Duty and drop and EMP on them. Seriously though I think we should be taking action against them. The eye for an eye scenario doesn’t really apply here. Hacking China is pointless; their companies don’t have anything we want. Their economy over there is filled with copy cat products. Innovation over there is defined as being able to steal someone else’s work and market it as your own. This is where I think the US should do something a little more harsh to let them know we’re not just going to stand by like punks. I’m hoping we don’t just stand idle and let them get away with crap like this. If we’re putting our own citizens in jail for hacking and stealing data then why wouldn’t we take action here?
I have nothing against Chinese people in general,  nor am I racist. But to the people in China wishing, hoping, planning the demise of the USA, that’s not going to happen any time soon. Oh and here’s a big FUCK YOU!

Rock on America!


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