Path, What’s The Point?

20 May

I have struggled to see the point of Path.  It’s another Facebook like social network based around status updates. For the longest time now I’ve had it installed, but never used it. Google Plus is simply amazing, but being able to connect with others is what I’m looking to do. So while I mainly use Google Plus, Path allows me to easily share my status updates to multiple social networks with just the click of a button.  It’s more then just an multi post app. It tells you who visited your Path, what your friends are up to. It’s nothing like Google Plus at all. This is more geared towards sharing your life and what’s going on with friends and family. It makes that communication easier. Any time I take a picture a reminder pops up to share this on Path. I like this feature because sometimes I just forget to share something I wanted to.

Path is pretty simple to learn and use. This is an app that I recommend everyone who is on both twitter and Facebook to check out.  It will also share to tumblr and foursquare.  I’m hoping soon they will incorporate Google Plus so that I can easily share my life to everyone. 


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