It was only a matter of time: Apple says Google Now violates Siri patents

22 May

Once again this only reaffirms my dislike of Apple. On no level is Siri better than Google Now. It’s ridiculously slow in pulling up information and not only gives me information I ask for it predicts weekday information in going to be looking for. I will continue to promote my opinion that Apple is not here to innovate and help move our society forward, they are here to slow tech growth down. With the invention of the iPod, then iPhone, then iPad, the innovation stopped there for them. Also their business practices are terrible they shouldn’t even be allowed to be called American. Besides the patent wars they continuously start they are hiding billions of dollars in profit off shore to avoid paying billions in taxes. Those billions would be helping to pay off the country’s debt. Scumbags! #boycottApple


Apple has updated an earlier lawsuit filed against Samsung with claims that the Galaxy S4 and its Google Now feature violate two Apple patents covering functions of its own virtual personal assistant, Siri. Florian Mueller of FOSS Patents relayed news of the updated complaint on Wednesday, and he noted that two of the patents — U.S. Patent 8,086,604, and U.S. Patent 6,846,959 — cover technologies related to Siri. Both filings describe a “universal interface for retrieval of information in a computer system.” Apple also added three more patents to its earlier complaint that are not related to Siri, according to the report.

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