Flickr Announced 1TB Storage

23 May
Flickr Announced 1TB Storage

So Flickr announced that they are now offering 1 terabyte of storage for photos. I’ve seen that some people are excited about this, while most could probably care less. Personally Flickr died about two years ago for me. There’s so many other services out there that back up photos automatically. DropBox and Google Drive are tops in my opinion. DropBox is great for creating and sharing albums,  while I wasn’t able to figure out how to organize any photos using the Flickr mobile app.  So what’s the point to using Flickr when you have auto backup on apps like Copy, Drive and DropBox?

The Point of Flickr isn’t to backup all of your photos. It is here to serve as a searching tool for photos. The photos you will find on Flickr are pretty amazing. You can’t do this with any of the other services. Flickr also has a ton of filters and allows you to enhance your photos as you upload them. Google Plus also has this now and is definitely better then Flickr for photo editing.

In the end even the Flickr is a great option if you are just wanting to share photos or look at others photos. It’s also an ok way to manually back up your photos.  I doubt you have 500,000 pictures. Either way that’s a lot of freaking storage.  Do you plan on  using Flickr? If so how? Will it replaced any of your other services that you use to back up photos or will you just use it in conjunction with those apps.


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