Bejeweled BLITZ review(Pick Diamond Dash)

25 May
Bejeweled BLITZ review(Pick Diamond Dash)

My initial thoughts were to uninstall the game and just forget about writing a review. All because it kept freezing at the main screen and would not load at all. Finally I went in and force closed the app and it started without a problem. So once getting the game connected to my Facebook I was able to see my friends’ scores. Getting started is easy, it has a quick tutorial. the game isn’t hard to grasp the concept of. Just match up 3 or more same gems by swapping their positions with adjacent gems and they blow up. This game is a lot like Diamond Dash. No disrespect to the developers of this game EA, but Diamond Dash seems to be a lot more fun and even a faster pace game. This game has 5 power ups you can use every time you play. In order to use them you will have to spend your fake coins you earn as you finish rounds. Once I added 3 power ups it wouldn’t let me remove them to pick one of the other two I hadn’t chosen. Even once restarting the app I still couldn’t remove them. This game as simple as it is has found a way to be complicated. There’s no explanation on what each power up does. I tried getting into the game, but really lost interest fast. So unfortunately my review of this app is going to have to be cut short; as it is, in my opinion a terribly put together game. Its a great game normally but I’ve just had issues with it. So I think I will stick with Diamond Dash which is a much more intense game of similar style. So if you like Bejeweled normally go ahead and check the game out. It’s new so bugs are to be expected, but I think if you check out Diamond Dash you may like that game a bit better. 

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