Today Isn’t National BBQ Day

27 May

Today is Memorial day, it is not national BBQ day.  Today isn’t about buying a couch and getting a free coffee table,  or getting a car with 0% APR. It’s not about all the crazy Sales or just another day you don’t have to go to school. Today has a bigger meaning then all of that. I have no idea what you are doing right now; maybe bored at home, maybe you’re driving and reading this on your phone. Whatever it is you are doing you are doing it freely thanks to our soldiers. We are not forced into our military, it’s a volunteer enrollment. While I get to sit at home and drink a cold beer playing Call of Duty(a game that glorifies war,  probably shouldn’t be playing.) someone somewhere is out there trying to keep us safe. Because of this I’m more worried about our own criminals then of terrorists. Today is a day to honor them. A day not to give them medals, but to give them a hug. Say thank you, let them know you appreciate all that they sacrifice.

So today when you bite into that juicy burger remember that you are able to do so because of our amazing military. Hope everyone enjoys today! Happy Memorial Day!


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