Is Rooting Still Necessary?

29 May
Is Rooting Still Necessary?

I was just going through the XDA forum and I see that the AT&T Galaxy S4 can now be rooted. I’ve been waiting patiently for a day off of work to make sure i have plenty of time to fix my phone if something goes wrong. Here I am, Finally with that day off and reading up on all of the details. Now that the time is here and rooting is possible I’m kind of hesitant about it. Why do I need to root my device? Normally I am looking for a ROM that improves the functionality of the phone, ie better battery life, better performance, UI enhancements. With the Galaxy S4 I don’t know what I need to improve. The battery life is amazing.

2013-05-27 22.52.14

Performance isn’t an issue everything loads smoothly and apps run perfectly. The UI is TouchWiz and I’ve grown accustom to it. So by rooting and removing all of Samsung’s products all I will be gaining is the “Stock” Android experience. However, I’m not sure I want the stock experience anymore. I like Samsung’s camera and all the little features in it. Yes I actually use the “gimmicks” they advertise. Not all of them, but a lot of them. I like a lot of the air gestures, the camera app, and Samsung’s calendar app. One of the things I like the most about TouchWiz is the notification panel. I like the layout and the colors, it works great. TouchWiz isn’t as nice or as easy to use as stock android, but with just a few tweaks it works faster and still very much usable. the biggest con to TouchWiz is how many clicks it takes to do some things that are so quickly and easily accessed on a Galaxy Nexus. So I’m kinda forced to say that i think Samsung did a great job with this device. I read that some people are saying they think it is a “rushed” device. I don’t see what is so wrong with it other then the build quality, but it’s Samsung, that is not going to change.

So the question I ask to you is rooting still necessary? I am going to say no it’s not. There is no longer a reason I need to root my phone. Now rooting your phone doesnt mean that you have to install a custom ROM you could still root your device and open it up to use apps like Root Explorer or Titanium Backup. But with apps like Helium(backup app just like TB) the need to root is not there. Now this is just or me, there are so many people out there that dont like TouchWiz at all and are just dying to get rid of it. For them i totally understand why they would root their device. So I sit here still wondering if i should root my device. That’s just the nerd in me.

Now I don’t have the HTC One =, but are there any of you out there that have it but not going to root the phone?

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