Why I’m Using Twitter Less

31 May

I’m finding that I use twitter less and less and less. Even though I have a lot of followers and I try to interact as much as possible, it’s just not as interactive as Google+. Following conversations are just not easy. Since adopting Google+ as my main social network the way I use twitter has drastically changed. I’ve gone from tweeting an average of over 25 tweets per day down to 17. That number is continuing to go down as I tweet only once or twice a day lately. I’m using Twitter more for news updates and to share my blog posts. There’s just so many ridiculous updates it’s tough to try and read them all everyday. I had to quit using tweet marker because I’d go half a day and find myself with 35k tweets to read.

Seems to me that Google+ has a good thing going. It’s easy to share small snippets of your life or dive deep into a topic of conversation. This is why twitter has been put on the back burner for me. It’s not something I desire to see except for a few people I’m friends with.

I almost never read my timelime on twitter. Instead I jump to my list of “friends”  and read that. If I have extra free time I check my other lists like teamandroid or news accounts. Where as on Google plus I rarely filter my circles and I just check out everyone. Now you may say “it’s a ghost town that’s why.” well for me it’s not a ghost town, I have 325 followers without ever having to deal with the “follow for follow” or anything of the like.  You follow the people who post stuff you like to read.

The hardest part has been trying to show people the value in Google+. This community has so much to offer. An unlimited amount of knowledge and experience at your finger tips. Google+ has forced me to meet new people, make new connection, while making it easier to maintain my current friendships. Let me be honest, I don’t need to read my brothers updates daily, I talk to him all the time. Google+ is what I call a social network. Is for getting to meet new people.

For those who are tired of using so many different social networks, stop! Quit all of them and join Google+. I’m just kidding each network has its advantages. My challenge to you though is to try out Google+, not for 10 minutes, not for a day. Get on there and add people that have similar interests. Next thing you know you will be involved in communities, and carrying on thoughtful conversations with people. Having interactions you never would haberdashery had on twitter or Facebook. I don’t know about you, but a nerdy as I am, most my friends don’t share the same interests. So my interactions on Facebook age boring to me.

Come check out our not so ghost town community here on Google+. You might be amazed at all the features Google has to offer.


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