My Weekend With A Different Kind Of Stomach Bug

02 Jun

So my wife’s family was helping us move all of our stuff into storage while we wait two weeks to move into our new house. It was Thursday night and I had worked from 9am until about 10pm. My wife, her brother and her brother in law had all just recently recovered from a stomach bug going around. So when I got home and went straight to bed while they moved everything, it wasn’t received so nicely. They were pretty upset that I want helping to move my own stuff.

Friday rolls around and I am in agony. I worked my full shift for home around 10pm and had to leave my house because everything was already packed. So I slept at the in laws house while they worked and they almost quit saying that if I want going to help out then we need to find someone else to do it. They figured I was just being a big baby about my stomach bug.

All night Friday I didn’t sleep. I was up trying to go to the bathroom, trying to find a comfortable position to lay in, even took a hot shower. I tried everything I could think of bit nothing comforted me at all. Saturday morning I was barely able to walk,  but I hobbled myself off to work. Luckily I have an awesome assistant manager who came to work an hour and a half early. So I was able to leave to go to the urgent care. Now I think urgent cars are almost pointless as they can’t usually do anything but refer you somewhere. Just remember I was under the impression that I only had a stomach bug and needed some medication. Will the doctor there told me I needed to get to an emergency room. She couldn’t tell for sure but was positive I didn’t have the bug, but that I had appendicitis.

At the emergency room after a few hours of waiting I was finally admitted. It seemed like today was train doctors day, at least the different trainees came in to feel on my stomach and poke around putting me in even more pain. Finally after the CT scan, and getting to feel what a hot flash feels like they confirmed their suspicion. I wasn’t just being a big baby after all, I had appendicitis.

They removed it just a couple hours later and now I lay in bed in the hospital over night. Worried about my store and going everything gets done. So much stuff to do once I get back I’ll be over whelmed. I’m still in a lot of pain. Very sore around my belt button and right side where I have the incisions  can’t wait to be fully recovered so I can get back to work and on my birthday run a 5k for charity.

Just want to thank everyone for the very well soon comments! I really appreciate it! You guys are awesome!


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