Vine Released For Android

04 Jun

If there’s anyone left that doesn’t already know, Vine was finally released for Android! Vine is a very popular app on iOS that is similar in design to Instagram. However, Vine takes it a step farther in allowing you to share 6 seconds of video instead of a single picture. At first when I heard of vine I thought it was stupid, who wants to share just 6 seconds of video. That’s not enough time to explain anything. Well I was wrong, it’s not just 6 servings of video is still pictures. So a lot can be shared. Some things are funny, artsy, or informative. It’s just a new way to share what’s going on in your life.

Now I haven’t had the chance to dig deep and use the app a bunch, but from the get go there are some problems that I’m sure will be worked out soon. The major two issue with the android version of Vine are the inability to use FFC(front facing camera) and the audio is out of sync. But this all is still fun to use.

Check out the link below to download it from the play store. If you like Instagram I’m sure you will enjoy this.


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