Passing On Memories

08 Jun

I wish there Were a way to implant all of my memories and experiences into my son’s head. I’m afraid my son is too hard headed to listen to anything I have to say. Yesterday, my brother in law, who is 15 years old, got into a fight with his parents. The flight was over something small, it was more of a respect issue than anything. After the his parents calmly laid out the punishment for his behavior, he decided he didn’t need to live here anymore. So he left while his parents aren’t looking. This is scary to me, because yesterday our area flooded. He could have got caught in it. Besides that, his parents were up all night stressing and wording about where he was and if he was safe.

On a personal level I’m afraid my son is headed right here. I can only hope I provide an environment where he can talk to me. Where I can explain to him why doing something is wrong. Of course he’s going to have to make his own mistakes to learn, but I hope I never have to deal with a situation like this. Still being able to pass o  all of my memories will make Noah so much better off. Hopefully he picks up on the errors I made in the stories I tell him so he doesn’t have to repeat them.


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