What’s Your All-Time Favorite Phone?

08 Jun

I just read this article by Alisa Martin Ahead of the Curve: Why the 9360 is a BlackBerry great and it got me thinking what phone did I hate parting ways with?

For me I had to go through a lot of phones. Here’s a list of all the smart phones I’ve had over the years:

HTC Mogul
HTC Touch
HTC Touch Pro
HTC Touch Diamond
HTC Touch Pro2
Palm Pre
HTC Hero
Samsung Galaxy Nexus
Samsung Galaxy S4

All were with Sprint. Lots of HTC love in there. All phones had something I like about them and memories made using them. I remember the first time I turned on the HTC Mogul and used Google Maps. Oh satellite view was amazing! I ended up taking a road trip from NC to Ohio just as an excuse to use the GPS. Then the Touch Pro introduced ROMS to me. Mighty Mouse ROMS were the best! That’s where the addiction of flashing started.

Eventually the Palm Pre was released and to me that phone was revolutionary. Everything was really modded just by installing patches. I loved the phones round design, it fit perfectly in the hand. Coming from phones with physical keyboards this one was great. While the HTC Mogul changed the way I would use a phone forever, the Palm Pre showed me the potential phones had.

Android didn’t blow me away initially as WebOS had. I loved how customizable it was. I liked the HTC Hero and how thin it was. But I think for me the answer to my own question would have to be the Palm Pre. I just loved evening about it especially the multitasking ability.

So how about you what phone did you have a hard time getting rid of?


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