I Think I Have Too Much Faith In People

09 Jun

I always hear from friends that I have to much faith in people. This is probably true, but so what? Well, it usually turns out bad for me. Why? Because I end up trusting people that I shouldn’t, or put responsibility on some that aren’t ready for it. This “faith” in people also affects my life of work. As a store manager it is important that I recruit good, honest, hard workers, who can be promoted. So I need to be able to look into their experience and judge people not on whether I like them or not, but on qualifications. I sometimes end up hiring people who are cool and even fun to work with, but just aren’t good at the job. I’m paid on performance, so I need to hire the best of the best.

I think I just need to be more objective of judging character. Still having faith that people will do the right thing is not a problem. However, being blind and allowing someone to continuously con you is just stupidity. Lesson learned.


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Posted by on June 9, 2013 in Rants


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