It’s Time For Apple To Treat Us Like Adults

09 Jun

This had been my biggest argument about iOS vs android. This is why to me iOS is unusable. I love chrome, and I love the ability to pick what apps I want to use. Google doesn’t force you to use their apps and there’s plenty of alternatives for almost everything.

This was a greatly written article! Just wanted to share!


It’s time for Apple to treat us like adults. The company revolutionized the smartphone with iOS, no doubt. But as iOS gets older, its users are, too, and fewer and fewer of them are first-time smartphone owners. It made sense to hold everybody’s hands when this whole idea of a computer in your pocket was new. But just as Apple will probably move from skeuomorphic design to a more abstract flat design in iOS 7, it should also trust its users a bit more and give them more control over how they want to use the operating system.

Sure, Apple will never allow something like Facebook Home on its phones (that’s an abomination anyway), but isn’t it time for Apple to allow users to switch at least some defaults away from Apple’s own apps and to allow third-party services to come in and take over?

ios-7The prime example here…

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