Sliding Messaging Pro

10 Jun

This is a newer messaging app for android. It brings The Google card UI to your messaging App. The app looks nice and simple. This app fits in nicely now that the card UI is spreading rapidly throughout the android UI, from Google Now, Gmail, the Play Store and more. Some of the nice features of this app are the simple theme options and pop up notifications. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 with a super AMOLED screen, so black is black. Which means when using the black theme it helps to save battery. You can also slide to the right to get into your recent conversations instead of clicking on a conversation. This makes it easier then having to back out of a conversation and go to another one. In order for mms to work you must purchase the pro version. I always recommend people downloading the free version of an app before buying it so you know that it works good on your device.

While overall I like the app there are a couple things I don’t like. The biggest is that it doesn’t move around smoothly. It seems to jerk around. My device is pretty powerful, I think it should be able to move smoothly. Also I’ve had a couple times I’m typing a message to one person and it seems it to another. Now this could all be on me, bad install, user error. Whatever the car may be, this is an app you should check out for yourself!

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