iOS + 7 = Fail

11 Jun

While it’s no secret that I strongly dislike Apple as a company, I do belive they make great products. Ridiculously expensive products normally, but nevertheless solid. So yesterday morning I was very excited to read all about the major announcements and have some great discussions about them. That never happened. Well the announcements happened, but there was nothing I wanted to discuss.  I felt like I had to have missed something. This can’t be all that they announce for iOS. Oh but it was.

I have to admit I am totally shocked! Even disappointed at the chance get coming to iOS. They truly missed out on incorporating, what I believe to be deal breaking features. All the comments about the aesthetics is all just a matter of opinion, but what I’m talking about are features that set android apart from iOS completely.

The most used feature on my phone that isn’t on iOS is the ability to share anything to any app. This helps me connect with people, this makes life on social networks easy! On android if you want to share a Web page to twitter but you use Falcon(because it auto shortens urls for you.) it’s as simple as hitting menu>share. On iOS there’s a few more steps, or you can just be forced into using the apps Apple wants you to use.

This leads right into the fact that Apple to me is like a dictatorship. They don’t like you having choices and they want you to do things their way or not at all. Which makes no sense at all to me; what’s the point in offering millions of apps if you’re not going to allow users to take full advantage of them. This leads directly into my next point. Not being able to have user defined apps. I’m sorry Apple Maps suck! Stop trying to force me to use them! See iOS doesn’t let you set a default app for a certain action. For example, say a friend texts you a link, normally you browse the Web using Chrome or Opera. Well if you click that link Apple forces you to use Safari. In Android you can assign default apps which allows you to use applications that fit your style and complete the task the way you want it done.

Last thing and then I’m done ranting. Why hasn’t Apple updated the keyboard? They’ve updated everything else, why not the keyboard? Times have changed, phones have advanced, but Apple’s keyboard is unchanged. Ya they slapped a skin on it but what’s up with word prediction, or the ability to swipe. Their tiny keyboard sucks to type on.

I’m sorry this post wasn’t meant to bash on Apple’s updated version of iOS. It’s not an Android vs iOS thing. It’s just my expression of disappointment in Apple. Tim Cook is just not doing a good job. That is a whole new topic for discussion though.

So besides all the fan boy hating and bashing of iOS 7’s likeness to android, we’re there any announcements that you were excited about? Please share.


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