Do Not Disturb

14 Jun

I say to you, good day.
Hoping you’ll find your way,
Out of my closet,
And into the sunset,
On your merry way.

After reading so many articles on this NSA/PRISM leak, I’ve finally formed a clear opinion. At first I figured this was all about some guy trying to get attention. Then Google and Facebook completely denied the situation, or did they? The words they used were sneaky and still allowed for them to technically tell the public the truth. Now it’s clear in my head. This guy, Edward Snowden, had nothing to gain and everything to lose. Why would he just make PRISM up? If it was not true why the sudden responses from the accused?

So in my mind PRISM is real! Who knows maybe they’re storing everything everyone does online. Putting it into one big data base. Just so they have any information they need at their finger tips. Either way, this is wrong. What Snowden did was empower Americans with knowledge! I’m sure he will go to jail as the government tries to make an example out of him. His actions were, IMHO, to enlighten the people about the government’s dirty habits. I for one, am glad this happened.


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Posted by on June 14, 2013 in Political, Tech


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