Dropping Beats

15 Jun

This past Thursday the wind attempted to ruin my night by snatching power. Power outages were everywhere. Mainly caused by fallen trees. All this happened while stuck at work. However, had this happened while I was at home I would have still enjoyed my night.

Power or not I can always play my drums. So on days that I can’t go out side because of nasty rain, my brother and I can always jam. Music is amazing. It is so fun to entertain others just by simple melodies. An old acoustic guitar combined with a kick drum a snare and a tom tom is so much fun.

Rainy days are usually looked down upon. These are the days I get to kick a beat. Usually to some classic rock styled music. Ac/dc, you know the good stuff.

Besides making music I love liste in to music too. I will admit that even though I love classic rock, I enjoy a lot of alternative rock as well. From Seether to Kings of Leon. All songs with a good beat are welcomed. On a side note, while we’re on the subject of music. One of my all time favorite musicians s has to be Kenny G and Travis Barker. The two couldn’t be farther apart, but their passion for music can be seen in their performances and I thoroughly enjoy them.


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