Article: T-Mac says there’s no comparison between LeBron and Jordan

17 Jun

T-Mac says there’s no comparison between LeBron and Jordan

Of course there is comparison! They are both amazing athletes. I’ll admit though there’s nothing like watching MJ play. I don’t think it’s fair to compare the two though. I feel like humans are always advancing, mentally and physically. This could be due to evolution, but I think it’s because of knowledge. Better ways to train and teach and players starting younger. I could be wrong. Technology though is much better than it used to be.

I think if you were to compare MJ and LeBron James physically LJ wins. There’s more to the game of basketball then just being physically stronger. MJ was very smart in the way he played his game. Not just in knowledge of the game, but getting into players heads. That could be game changing.

Either way I’m no expert and I’m sure LeBron James may pass MJ in stats, but MJ is a legend! LeBron is still building his legend. I’m the end both are Ridiculously crazy amazing athletes!


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