Video sharing on Instagram could debut on June 20th

17 Jun

This could be huge! If you haven’t already clicked the above link, it looks like Facebook will be announcing the ability to pay videos to Instagram. Depending on how Instagram incorporates this feature and the features available this could really compete with vine. This could also totally ruin Instagram. I’m on a 3GB/Mon data plan, this could mean I might not be able to check Instagram add often as I normally do.

Vine is cool and all, but it’s just another social network that I have to monitor. By incorporating it all into Instagrams app makes it easier. Also that means I should be able to continue using Flip Board.

So stay on the look out. I’ll try and post what ever is announced on June 20th.

Just a side note, if you are using Google Plus you don’t need anything like Vine or Instagram because all of that is already built in with features like auto awesome and YouTube and the ability to edit your photos. Google Plus is proving to be a social network that can allow you to quit all other networks! Watch out Facebook and Twitter, Google Plus is gonna put a hurtin on you.


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Posted by on June 17, 2013 in Tech


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